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Genomid Pharmacogenetic Assay

What is Genomind PGx Assay?

The Genomind PGx test is intended to provide genetic information to healthcare professionals which would inform their decision making in the selection of appropriate medications for individuals with mental illness and other brain disorders.

The Genomind Professional PGx is a biomarker panel of 24 clinically relevant genes that can be used to help guide treatment for patients with various mental health disorders.

This tool gives clinicians biological information on different neurological pathways and marries in how the body metabolizes medications through the P450 pathway. Information from this assay in addition to the patient’s symptoms, family, personal and medication history can help better fine tune the treatment plan for that individual patient.

The panel is diagnosis agnostic which means that regardless of what the patient’s diagnosis is, all genes on this panel can be used to make treatment decisions, therefore individualizing the treatment based on the patient not on an overall diagnosis.

In a nutshell, the Genomind Professional PGx is designed to help eliminate trial and error to help you get patients feeling better, faster.

Why Genetic Testing Is Important In Psychiatry

Psychiatry, unlike any other field of medicine, does not have biologically based diagnostic tools.

You can’t hear depression with a stethoscope or see it with an EKG.

Clinicians rely on a trial and error process for choosing psychiatric medications for their patients.

Many patients with psychiatric disorders experience adverse events, side effects and poor response to medications.

Psychiatric patients are also dimensional, not categorical which makes the standard DSM approach to treatment difficult to apply and have success.

A study conducted by general psychiatry biomed central showed that 40% of psychiatric cases are misdiagnosed. This accounts for more than one in every three patients.

Other Areas of Medicine That Benefit From Genetic Testing

  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Integrative Physicians (Naturopaths/Functional Medicine)

How To Collect Sample For Genetic Testing

The testing can be simple and painless. Genomind’s PGx test requires just a cheek swab sample, which can be collected at home or at your clinician’s office.

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